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"Foam, pies and thick slop on a cute lad--what's not to like?!"
AlSmartUK  9/11/17

Awesome video--such great sloppy coverage! I love the way MessyMark messes himself up with foam, pies and thick slop, then undresses, then re-dresses in the same sloppy clothes (right up my street). Also love the gungy rolls in the slop--and his cute feet and socks! MessyMark is adorable!

"Great coverage, great looking lad!"
AlSmartUK  9/11/17

MessyMark is adorable and knows his messy stuff. Love the clothes, the hat, the rolling about in the slop--and the sock-filling is a personal favourite!

"Wish I was in there with him!"
AlSmartUK  3/23/17

MessyMark is so cute and I love his outfits. He really goes to town in this video, really enjoying and making the most of the sheer volume of slime in that bathtub. My only regret is that no-one has yet invented the technology to allow me to be there in that bathtub alongside him (ha-ha). Great coverage, cute hot guy who's clearly having a great time. Loved everything about this video.

"Can't wait for next installment!"
ratbagsuk  2/4/17

Nice speedos! You should deffo do more vids in them! Maybe with some slime! Don't forget to mess up your ass! lol. Cant wait for next installment!

"Handsome chap in plenty of gunge, perfect!"
wills  1/20/17

Wow somebody really is enjoying themselves here. Gunging from fully-clothed to naked, cannot get much better than that.

Well done, a really hot video.

"Buy this video!"
AlSmartUK  12/6/16

I rarely leave reviews but this was one of the hottest videos I've ever seen! The coverage of the slop is amazing--I love getting messy with custard so to me this slop is heavenly (although this isn't custard, it looks very like it, in terms of color and texture I mean)!

MessyMark is so hot! I love the sportswear, I love the messy socks and feet (that's a big turn-on for me) and just the sheer volume of mess in that bathtub, seriously hot!

"Slippy slime, a cute victim, and hot trackies"
downhill12uk  5/17/16

A lovely scene for those of us who like slippy slime, a cute victim and hot trackies. Lots of lovely slithering around and wanking in the goo :)

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